If anyone questions why Jade was able to do all those things immediately after hitting god tier and had all this knowledge as to how to do it, I entreat you to remember something.

    Her kernelsprite had been prototyped with two things: Becquerel, who has the power of the Green Sun, and her dreamself.  And we learned with Davesprite that being prototyped with the kernelsprite gave the sprite intimate knowledge of the game and its mechanics.

    This means that Jade, upon hitting god tier and unifying with her dreamself again, gained pretty much all the knowledge and power necessary to tap into her abilities as well as she did and to figure out exactly how to exploit loopholes to bring everyone together.  As the God of Space, she is as good as omnipresent; as a being prototyped with a kernelsprite, she is as good as omniscient.

    Jade Harley isn’t a Mary Sue.  Jade Harley is a God.

    (I’m probably saying things that are obvious, but I don’t care because Jade Harley is amazing.)

    AGREED. The Homestuck universe also features: a boy who can travel in time and replicate himself indefinitely; a boy who can make cars fly with relative ease; a girl who managed to virtually orchestrate around 50% of the plot simply by sitting at her computer screen and having a peculiar moral compass (ILU VRISKA); a girl who has been a ghost, a frog, a robot and a goddess; and so many characters with psychic powers that it’s barely even noteworthy any more. Jade is a superhero in a cast of superheroes, and calling her a Mary-Sue is roughly equivalent to sitting in the corner saying “I am uncomfortable with the idea of female characters getting cool powers”.

    (Source: deathbusters)